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Catering to stressed-out professionals, the new sensory deprivation therapy can facilitate meditation, allowing customers to access deep states of relaxation. Visitors to the spa can soak in luxury float tanks that free them from all outside distractions, including light, sound, and the pull of gravity.

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Also known as float therapy, the treatment is used to aid mindfulness by reducing external stimuli. As well as soothing stress and anxiety, float therapy is said to improve the mood and increase feelings of happiness. It’s also known to boost blood circulation, calm the nervous system, and reduce chronic pain.

Prior to treatment, each tank is filled with water and Epsom salts – a chemical compound that increases muscle relaxation and aids buoyancy – and heated to room temperature. During treatment, customers will float in complete darkness and silence and will feel deeply relaxed, weightless, and even euphoric. Afterward, they may notice a reduction in physical pain and find they are able to think more clearly.

Interested parties can schedule a sensory deprivation session by selecting the ‘book a pool’ tab on the company’s website. They can choose a 30, 60, or 90-minute session. A couples’ float option is also available. Customers will have access to a private changing area and all amenities – such as ear plugs, bathrobes, and organic body products – are provided. Prices start at $85.

Outlining the benefits of sensory deprivation therapy, a company spokesperson says, “Find clarity in the blank spaces of your mind. Be still. Unwind and restore your balance with the latest float therapy technology treatments that are as indulgent and relaxing as they are effective. Our float therapy tanks offer a unique therapeutic experience that reduces external stimuli as much as possible to help the body achieve a natural restorative state.”

About The Company

Mindful Waters is a luxury wellness spa that offers alternative relaxation therapies. Their services include compression massage, hydrotherapy, and infrared sauna sessions and are ideally suited to individuals who want to calm their bodies and minds.

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