An entrepreneur who went behind his passion to redefine music


Kasaragod, Kerala Jun 29, 2022 ( – “Muzaffar Aka Zaff is not just a DJ, he is an experience…” Never afraid to go too deep, his emotive musical selections are his own therapy. He is the transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered, strangely also leaves you feeling re-invigorated. Today, this translates into sets where he picks apart and infuses together all the pieces of this music that he loves best: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks… on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling Bollywood beats. At 6ft tall and broad-shouldered, with his trademark Arabian beard, with a common man’s dressing, he imposes a figure who commands respect. His confident appearance is matched by his masterful control of a good mixing desk. Before each set, he always powers down the previous track and leads the packed dance floor in a show of appreciation for the outgoing DJ. Zaff’s music transition is uplifting bouncy and full of energy like him: deliciously hard yet very accessible. And when Zaff makes eye contact with you, even if only for a second, you get to experience the ultimate unique sensation of him seeking your seal of approval. At that moment you have transcended being a mere audience member, into being part of what will almost certainly be the set of the night. The sheer euphoria you feel is exceptional. And then at the end, breathless, skin tingling, and with a grin on your face from ear to ear, you feel as though every drop of energy has been sucked right out of you.

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