Estate Housekeeper Staff Shortage Across the U.S.


Beverly Hills, California Jun 27, 2022 ( – Private Chefs Inc. specializes in high-end Private Chef placements; however, we also place House Managers, Butlers House Keepers, and other auxiliary staff. Currently, there is a major Qualified Housekeeper shortage across the U.S., therefore we have several openings that we are trying to fill.

Full-time, live-out, Estate positions available:

Housekeeper position open in Summit NJ.

Housekeeper position in Cleveland Ohio

Caregiver position in Cleveland Ohio

Some advice for Private Chefs:

More and more clients these days are now requesting Chefs that have more extensive knowledge of Healthy food options, such as Vegan, Vegetarian low-fat cuisines, etc.

We, therefore, highly recommend that private chefs take some of these types of courses to widen their repertoire and to be more competitive in the current job market:

Plant-based cuisine

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Heart Healthy cooking

Sugar Detox and Healthy Eating

Sugar-free desserts, Gluten-Free desserts

Nutritional courses to increase their repertoire to include Nutritional and Healthy foods

All our current open job listings can be found on our website:
If interested, send your resume to [email protected]





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