Functional Speech Therapy Co. Now Offering In-Home, In-Clinic, and Teletherapy Services


Fox River Grove, IL – Functional Speech Therapy Co. provides speech therapy, language, and feeding services to children, helping them work through their communication and feeding issues. The therapists approach these problems holistically by educating and coaching families on the best ways to handle the issue and care for their affected children. Aiming to make its services accessible to all, the specialists now offer in-office, in-home, and teletherapy services to their clients.

With their flexible availability options, parents and guardians can now enjoy more attention for their children experiencing speech and language difficulties. The speech therapist understands the importance of tested and proven approaches to address speech-related issues and so begins each therapy with a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. This evaluation is perfect for children who present with delayed communication, language, speech, or feeding milestones. They are also perfect for children producing speech sound errors, those experiencing difficulties in playing or talking with other children, and those unable to follow directions.

The Fox River Grove speech therapy specialist ensures that each evaluation is individualized and goes over formal and informal evaluations to ensure an accurate diagnosis. They offer speech therapy evaluation to children from 6 months to 18 years of age to determine their speech, language, and communication progress and help them break milestones easily and quickly.

Describing their speech therapy evaluation, the therapist said, “An evaluation will include developmental history, observation of your child, language sample, oral motor examination, standardized test/s, and other informal assessments. Parents may request an evaluation if they were referred by their pediatrician, their child’s educator, or if they have concerns about their child’s speech, language, or feeding skills. The therapist will write a report to share all areas that were assessed and describe in detail the findings of the evaluation.”

Other than speech therapy evaluations, children can also enjoy comprehensive and tailored speech and language therapy to address common diagnoses like articulation disorder, central auditory processing disorder, developmental delays, expressive language delays, learning disabilities, pediatric dysphagia (swallowing difficulties), reading disorders, speech and language delays, etc. The therapist uses proven approaches like Prompt therapy, Oral-Placement Therapy (OPT), and Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to address these common problems.

Interested parents can schedule a free 15 minutes consultation with any of the therapists at Functional Speech Therapy Co. through their phone line at (224) 219-1924 or visit their website to fill out the web form. Functional Speech Therapy Co. is headquartered at 960 Route 22, Unit 216, Fox River Grove, Illinois, 60021, US.

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