Kimono Restaurant Features Teppanyaki Cuisine Created Right in Front of Clients in Pleasanton, CA


Pleasanton, CA – Tired of the same-old, dull dining experience? Perhaps it is time for an invigorating switch. While trying new exotic cuisines, dining styles, or eating joints is not everyone’s cup of tea, many find such changes fun, even exhilarating. Kimono Restaurant in Pleasanton exists to bring such adventurers’ dining dreams to fruition with its signature teppanyaki cuisine. Tracing its roots back to ancient Japan, this dining style has gathered worldwide popularity, with many first-time clients turning into instant fans. The best way to describe teppanyaki cuisine is that it is a perfect blend of indulgence in delicious cuisine and entertainment, as anything less would not do it justice.

“I brought my son here for his birthday, and we had a great time. Our waitress, Moon, was so sweet and attentive. She went out of her way to ensure we had everything we needed and were happy. Our chef was so much fun to watch, not to mention the food was delicious. All in all, a wonderful evening. We’ll definitely be back,” said one impressed client while describing her experience at Kimono Restaurant.

There is something about watching a highly experienced chef in full showman mode close-up while preparing finger-licking food. For others, it is witnessing an almost magical transformation of fresh, raw ingredients into edible works of art. Others swear it is the juggling of an assortment of hot or sharp utensils and cutlery with surgical precision. In contrast, others maintain that it is the unforgettable taste of food served on a simple iron plate. Whatever it is, the answer lies in visiting Kimono Restaurant in Pleasanton to experience it first-hand.

Clients looking for a legitimate Japanese steak house in Pleasanton can never go wrong with Kimono Restaurant. Its setting makes it a perfect getaway place to create family memories or have a good time with friends or colleagues. Kimono Restaurant can easily accommodate both small and large groups, and each individual is guaranteed to receive personalized service. The idea of waiting for their meals to be prepared from scratch is bound to put false notions of a long wait in some clients’ minds. Nothing could be further from the truth. The joint’s employees are mindful of their clients’ time and always go above and beyond not to keep them longer than is necessary.

While widely known as a go-to Japanese steakhouse, Kimono Restaurant serves many other dishes besides steak. Seafood, chicken, and veggies are a few of the restaurant’s other popular orders. Although preferred, prior booking or scheduling is never a deal-breaker at Kimono Restaurant. Short-notice and abrupt clients get the same white-glove treatment as the regulars.

Visit Kimono Restaurant at 6770 Santa Rita Road, Pleasanton, CA, 94588, US, for an unforgettable dining experience. Customers can get in touch with one of their representatives at 925-737-0138. More information regarding their services is available on their website.

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