The Giant Builders’ Kids Identity Podcast With Shari Jensen | New Episode Launch


The latest release is part of an ongoing focus on personal development, self-growth, and business. Listeners enjoy the show for its in-depth insights into the building blocks of life.

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Hosted by Lois Wyant, The Giant Builders releases new episodes each Tuesday centered on spirituality, health, family, and business. The latest podcast episode highlights proven ways for families to strengthen their bonds and grow together.

In the discussion, Lois and Shari talk about the importance of creating chores for kids. This is a chance to build fundamental character traits and let them experience that having a job matters and that it is important for the family.

The conversation also touches on ways that children can develop their personalities and shed the labels that society places on them. In doing so, they can more reliably become who they want to be.

One of the main challenges that parents face as their children develop is teaching them how to be an individual. By listening to the podcast, parents are able to learn actionable strategies that they can use to adapt their techniques and encourage their children to grow.

Motivating children to build a sense of identity from a young age can establish a path to success later on in life.

Other topics in the episode include managing social media and the expectations it places on the individual, especially young girls. Shari mentions the importance of discussing relationships with them, and how their best friends now may not be as close in the years to come.

Contrasting this, family is a bedrock that can give them strength throughout school and their adult life.

The show aims to create engaging weekly content that empowers listeners to be the best version of themselves. Each release gives them new frameworks or strategies that can improve their work or home life.

Shari Jensen states: “Unfortunately so many of our children are going through an identity crisis trying to figure out who they’re supposed to be. Our family is the first place that they see to build identity in kids.”

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