Ayur Villa in Kerala offers pure and organic Ayurvedic treatment for visitors across the world


Kerala, India Jul 1, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Modern life is busy and complicated, which leads to intense stress and anxiety for both men and women. The famous boutique, Ayurveda retreat located at Kovalam Beach, Kerala, Ayur Villa offers a complete Ayurveda treatment that offers a deeper mental and physical purification from the everyday stress and strains. Kerala is considered the home of Ayurveda and the right herbs and medicinal plants needed for a seamless Ayurveda treatment is available in Kerala. After the pandemic Ayurvedic lifestyle has become therapeutic for modern living. The retreat offers a full natural treatment along with yoga and an organic diet to help the visitors to meet their wellness goals.

They have a team of highly-trained yoga instructors and Ayurveda treatment experts who make the stay unforgettable and 100% satisfying for the visitors at Ayur Villa. They carefully design their treatment plans to counter various ailments in modern people like obesity, stress, anxiety, and more. Their treatments are personalized and can help the visitors to boost their immunity and improve their lung capacity in natural ways. There are various staying options at the boutique retreat. The calm and soothing environment within the Ayur Villa helps the visitors reach ultimate relaxation and enlightenment in the quiet and solitude.

The visitors at the Ayur Villa will get home-based Ayurveda treatment and a pure and organic diet that has been personalized for their needs and requirements. The retreat offers a homely ambiance that allows the visitors to feel safe and collected while restoring the natural harmony of body and mind. They offer Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment which means five actions. The treatment restores the metabolic fire in a human being. It removes toxins from the body helping it with waste reduction. It is exceptionally helpful in weight loss. The therapy improves blood and air circulation in the body with the toxins flushed out. The users will feel rejuvenated after it. With yoga and meditation included in the treatment, it helps the body release serotonin hormone allowing visitors to clear their mind of their daily stress and feel happy. It is proved that Panchakarma treatment can slow down the aging process maintaining the elasticity of the skin for a longer period and keeping its youthful look intact. Boosting immunity is one of the five benefits of the treatment. It makes it easier for the body to heal itself with the treatment.

The Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package at Ayur Villa is a 14-day treatment. The visitors get detailed consultation on the basics of Ayurveda along with a pulse diagnosis and Desa Vidha Pareeksha on the first day. The clients will receive individual food plans, herbal teas, and a personalized treatment program on the same day. The next day the treatment will start. On day three, the BP of the clients is checked before they receive their 90-minute treatment. During the next three days, the visitors will receive various types of Ayurvedic treatments depending on their condition and the doctor’s consultation. In the next five days, the treatment will help remove the toxins from the body. In the next three days, the treatment rejuvenates the body after cleansing it of the toxins. The main Panchakarma therapy is done on the last day of the treatment.

Their Stress Relief package is carefully designed to remove all the negative energy from the body that triggers stress. The treatment includes a sixty-minute full body massage, an oral administration of effective herbs mixed with ghee or butter, head massage, deep tissue oil massage, cooling down the nervous system, the special herbal paste applied on the entire body, and more. This is also a 14-day retreat and only light non-vegetarian food and warm water is allowed during the process. The clients will be given a detailed individual food program to follow at home after the treatment.

Ayur Villa is a boutique Ayurveda Beach villa situated in God’s own country, Kerala. The five-bedroom luxury Ayurvedic resort at Kovalam Beach offers the perfect getaway from the busy and stressful city life. There is a private swimming pool for the clients to use. The resort is a popular choice for European and American tourists. Find out more about their treatments and services at www.theayurvilla.com.





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