Frequently Asked Questions About Home Window Tinting in Lighthouse Point, Fla.


Serving South Florida for over 20 years with residential window tinting, Southern Glass Protection has been asked everything possible about the process, film, and what to expect. People must know what to expect, which is why they are offering a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding home window tinting in Lighthouse Point, Fla., and beyond.

“Understandably, people have questions regarding the residential window tinting process,” explains Vince Ceraulo, president of Southern Glass Protection. “It’s an investment in their home, and they want to know what they are getting when they opt to have it done.”

Here are some of the frequently asked questions the company receives, along with the answers:

Is home window tinting in Lighthouse Point worth it?

Yes, it is. With the energy savings and other benefits, it essentially pays for itself.

Will you be able to see out of a tinted window?

Yes, you will be able to see out of the window. However, people will not be able to see inside, which is a good security feature.

How long does it take to have the window film installed?

Installation takes hours to complete, which makes it convenient for homeowners.

Is the window tint applied to the inside or outside of the window?

Except for a few rare cases, it is applied to the inside of the window.

How long will home window tint last?

It will last for years if professionally applied and then cared for by the homeowner.

Is home window tint removable?

Someone rarely wants to remove it, but it can be removed from the window if needed.

Many people have questions specific to their needs and goals, and Southern Glass Protection will take the time to thoroughly answer all questions and help each customer select an option that will meet their goals. All new South Florida customers, including in Lighthouse Point and all of Broward County, are eligible for a 10% off coupon for service, as well as free estimates. When conducting the free quote, the company will answer any additional customer questions.

All window tinting is done using LLumar residential window film, which has an excellent quality standard. It comes with a 100% transferrable warranty, helping protect homeowners if there is any peeling, cracking, bubbling, etc. To obtain the discount coupon and schedule an appointment for a free estimate, visit the site at:

About Southern Glass Protection

With over 20 years of experience, Southern Glass Protection is the leading window film company in the Boca Raton, Fla., area. The company offers professional residential and commercial window tinting services, helping customers reduce energy bills and add style, privacy, and UV protection. To get more information about the company, visit the site at:

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