Medellin Medical Tourism Common Procedures: 2022 Patient Concierge Plans Expand


The newly launched program allows Health Bridge Medical to work closely with international travelers, understand their medical needs and connect them with trusted physicians and specialists in Medellin. The top-rated medical tourism concierge service to Medellin covers a wide range of health and cosmetic procedures including stem cell treatments, sports injury therapy, reconstructive surgery, orthodontic solutions, and plastic surgery.

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With the newly launched service, Health Bridge Medical aims to educate people on the importance and convenience of medical tourism to Medellin. Many people suffer from broken and unfair healthcare systems in their home countries and the Health Bridge Medical team helps them find safe and effective medical solutions in Colombia at affordable rates, without the unnecessary waiting.

Medellin is one of Colombia’s two major centers for medical tourism on account of its outstanding healthcare facilities. Health Bridge offers complimentary online consultations to inform clients about the full range of world-class medical services. The company specializes in combining a client’s medical visit with a recuperative vacation and some adventure if their health permits.

Health Bridge Medical facilitates various dental and aesthetic procedures including smile makeovers, anti-aging cosmetic treatments, hair transplants, and more. One of the most sought-after services is the ‘mommy makeover’ which is a combination of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and gluteal implants for new mothers.

The company has long-standing connections with top hospitals, medical facilities, and independent practitioners in Medellin. It assists in emergency MRIs, CT scans, and rare stem cell therapies for neurological and autoimmune conditions, which generally involve a long and uncertain waiting period in North America and Europe.

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The newly launched service is ideal for those who cannot afford to wait indefinitely or pay a fortune for essential medical services. Health Bridge Medical arranges for fast, reasonably-priced medical procedures carried out by trusted and certified doctors who comply with the latest in healthcare protocols.

Health Bridge conducts meticulous background checks on the doctors, clinics, and hospitals it collaborates with to make sure they uphold international certification and sanitation standards. The goal of these services is to safely assist clients at every stage of their medical journey till they fully recover.

The company is committed to providing personalized care, so it arranges transport, accommodation, and even translators for clients. It also assists them in recreational activities such as sightseeing, dinners at local restaurants, and spa appointments for a complete experience of Colombian culture.

With the latest announcement, the company provides international travelers with the opportunity to access Medellin’s finest healthcare services. A company spokesperson said, “We only hope to earn our client’s trust through honesty and integrity. We are here to help and improve their quality of life.”

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