Attorney Donnamarie Davis turns Actress/Producer makes 1st Dramatization about the historic death of George Floyd


Donnamarie Davis is rumored to have a second feature film coming out this year, with Director & Co-Producer, Terrance Tykeem, it’s believed to be a Thriller to shine a light on sexual child abuse.

Phildelphia, Pennsylvania Jul 2, 2022 ( – Donnamarie Davis Co-Produced “When George Got Murdered”, acted in it, as CO Dennis, and cast Stars Montel Williams in the role of Captain Cox, and Don Most as CO Wilson in the first dramatization feature film related to the historic death of George Floyd. The movie “When George Got Murdered” released in June is now streaming on Amazon, Google Play, & YouTube, and is now being credited with “…expanding the motion picture medium, idiom, and modes of expression, blending fact and fiction to tell a higher truth” wrote Author, Ed Rampell from Counterpunch Magazine

This movie reimages what happened inside of the jail where the ex-police officer who killed George Floyd was being held in the Spring of 2020. In this dramatization, the guards and the inmates are witnessing what is taking place in their city, and around the world as a result of George Floyd’s murder, while the news of the ex-police officer’s presence is made known to everyone in the jail. Inside the jail, the guards know that doing their job to keep the Killer safe will not be an easy task. The guards and their families become aware that none of the minority guards is being permitted to work the unit where the killer of George Floyd is being held.

The guards begin to speak out about having the ex-police officer in such a small facility and push back regarding the implementation of a racist policy. CO Dennis played by Donnamarie Davis becomes the female protagonist opposite Montel Williams, Don Most, & Robert Wuhl, when the little but mighty CO Dennis advocates for justice for her fellow correction officers who are being discriminated against. Tensions continue to rise, culminating in a totally unexpected but eye-opening and thought-provoking ending to the film.

This is Ms. Davis’ first lead role and her first time in the capacity of Co-Producer, and she delivers- doing double duty. An Illustrator by trade, Ms. Davis received offers to be a Creative Director in California & Philadelphia. Ms. Davis received a Grant to study Theatre & Art in London, England, which completely changed the course of her path. On a freezing cold December night, the Teacher that the College had placed Ms. Davis with – was being beaten by her 6’2” boyfriend, & screaming “Donnamarie, Donnamarie, Donnamarie!” Ms. Davis climbed out of the window onto the icy second-floor roof, & broke the window of the Flat below with her bare feet. She then told the people in the 1st floor Flat to call Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard got there in time to save the woman. The boyfriend had put a sock in the woman’s mouth to stop her from screaming. This tragic event compelled a once extremely SHY Donnamarie Davis to become an Attorney to fight against abuse & discrimination. Ms. Davis became a Federal Litigator, & made Case-law in 4 different areas of law. One of Ms. Davis’ cases received National attention, & led to her being an on-camera domestic violence expert, on the Montel Williams Show.

Currently, Donnamarie Davis is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of a 501c3 Charity for Special Needs Children, Youths, & Families in PA., and is in the process of rehabbing an abandoned County Crime Lab, to repurpose it – to be a Mentor/Work Program Cafe, for Special Needs Youths, which will be open to the public.

Ms. Davis is a member of SAG and found herself missing the Arts and all creative expression more than ever during Covid. During this time, she felt compelled to combine all of her skill sets, her creative spirit, and her passion to fight against injustice to make this passion project. Donnamarie Davis now desires to continue to make movies that bring hope, peace, heal, & start a positive conversation.

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