New York City, New York Jul 3, 2022 ( – ExpressCards, which aims to provide customers with shopping security through online payments, announced their new partnership with Dubai Offshore Bank for the launch of virtual credit cards, now available worldwide on

As part of the company’s efforts to curve the rate of online identity theft, the virtual credit cards will offer online shoppers a combination of security and safety for all their transactions, along with the efficiency of receiving virtual credit cards within minutes through email.

“The world of online shopping faces many issues today that go unaddressed,” said Sarah Cohen, CEO of ExpressCards. “We must be providing alternatives to protect the identities of people who just want to be safe when they’re purchasing something online. Buying power is important, and people should be able to use it, knowing their identity isn’t at stake. Our virtual credit cards are designed and issued to do just that.”

ExpressCards has made the process for receiving virtual credit cards fast and efficient. When you buy a virtual credit card, your personal information is not attached to that card. The virtual credit card is issued expeditiously through email, which is then ready to use for purchases anywhere that accept Visa. Additionally, virtual credit cards are compatible with popular online payment accounts like PayPal and GooglePlay.

“We believe your best effort to protect yourself and your hard-earned money is fully manifested when you buy virtual credit cards,” said Cohen. “We have also created gift cards with the same intent in mind. What better way to give your loved ones a monetary gift accompanied with the same security and protection they deserve?”

Virtual gift cards utilize the same easy-to-use system. When you buy a virtual credit card or gift card, you will find a 16-digit code and other relevant information in your email inbox right away. The card is identical to a prepaid visa card that works the same as a normal credit card. Usage can start instantaneously anywhere in the world. Although the card is not reloadable, customers are able to purchase new cards with ease.

The virtual credit card is quickly rising in usage on a worldwide scale. Anonymity is taking over the 21st century. The virtual credit card can serve as your defense and assurance as you utilize your personal buying power. With over 9,127 happy clients, ExpressCards is breaking ground into a safer internet experience worldwide.

About ExpressCards: ExpressCards aims to instill confidence in online shoppers through accessible and secure virtual credit cards. The company strives to be a bridge of restoration for those who have experienced identity theft or don’t feel safe online shopping. Through the purchase and usage of virtual credit cards, ExpressCards hopes to build a safer internet for shoppers worldwide. For more information on buying virtual credit cards and gift cards, or additional ExpressCards offerings, visit

Source :ExpressCards Co.

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