Global Millennial Capital has recently launched a partnership with UK-based Investment Hub, a
funding platform connecting 100,000 accredited investors

San Francisco, California Jul 4, 2022 ( – Global Millennial Capital the emerging venture capital investor using artificial intelligence and data science to identify high potential early-stage technology companies has recently completed a partnership with Investment Hub. The venture capital fund, recognized under the Securities and Investment Business Act, that announced a $25,000,000 first closing for its Fund I in May 2022, is looking to provide further access to accredited investors in multiple jurisdictions to its diversified portfolio of prominent fintech companies from Silicon Valley. Investment Hub, a financial services technology company has established itself as the premier platform connecting investors with companies and venture capital funds.

Global Millennial Capital is led by one of the most senior private equity and venture capital teams, who manage a range of liquid and illiquid strategies, including investments into fintech, crypto, blockchain, and neo-banking verticals with a portfolio aggregate value of $300M comprised of companies such as Rocket Dollar, Nexus, Envel, Transcripts, KingsCrowd, Blue Studios, among others. Globally, 42% of the unicorns are created in the US with an average time to unicorn rate for the blockchain vertical of 3 years. Investment holding periods range from 4.8 to 5.6 years as compared to 8 years in the global markets, with Silicon Valley retaining its position as the leader in driving innovation across fintech and blockchain verticals in 2021 and 2022.

By re-thinking the venture capital investment process with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, Global Millennial Capital was able to automate investment assessments at scale creating an unparalleled competitive advantage and an institutional-grade investment product. The proprietary machine learning model is able to access, source, and analyze more than 100,000 investment opportunities in days, with the fund leveraging on its unfair advantage, timing, and thematic style to select and deploy best-in-class investment opportunities while making venture capital investments previously available to institutional investors, accessible by a wide range of investors. Global Millennial Capital, established in 2020 by Andreea Danila is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs, economies, and societies by creating allocations for minority founders and socio-economic causes, aimed at eliminating investment bias and improving overall investment performance.


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