SmartWeld: New smart machine for making welding operations faster, efficient and traceable


kolkata, West bengal Jul 4, 2022 ( – Indian Institute of Welding (IIW) organized an event on New Trends and Innovations recently in Kolkata, where SmartWeld put forward the idea of Industry 4.0- Changing the Future of Welding.

It is where evolution will combine with the power of technology and accelerate efforts to transform welding. This will include human-machine interactions, advanced production methods, real-time data, reduced operational costs, increased welding productivity, improved welding quality, and reduced machine downtime.

The value potential for industry 4.0 is a 15-20% reduction in inventory holding cost, 30-50% reductions in machine downtime, 10-30% increases in throughput, and 15-30% improvements in labour productivity, 85% more accurate forecasting. Innovation, quality, and productivity are the three pillars that will improve the future of welding.

“To get the feel of a perfect welding experience, Smartweld ensures the highest levels of quality at the lowest cost and provides maximum visibility into the welding process, providing real-time information,” said Shalini Ghose, Marketing Director of SmartWeld.

Smartweld can offer deep insight into the Welding Process like real-time monitoring of key parameters, and real-time insight into processes for key personnel to measure and compare. Through the previous weld analysis, we can get better insights and offer increased weld quality as they can produce higher weld consistency in the future. This will lead to reduced defects, they can also increase the human-machine interaction, processes, productivity, people, and technology. They can also increase the utilization of machines by reducing downtime with predictive maintenance and better utilization by welder process and technology.

Smartweld focuses on 6 crucial welding parameters that include Welding Current, Welding Voltage, Wire Feed Speed, Gas Flow Rate, Heat Input, and Arc On-Time. The relationship of all these 6 parameters allows us to ensure the highest levels of quality and utilization.

Some of the key deliverables that Smartweld delivers include quality monitoring and management, machine health and monitoring, and most importantly cost optimization.

They offer a wide range of products for better welding processes such as a series of semi-automatic welding machines, welding SPM, welding robots, and automatic welding lines.

There was one live example of welding that was shown to the audience in the event by the team of Smartweld demonstrating that they are capable of inventing better technologies for welding.


Smartweld is a welding management software solution that helps you keep track of your welding procedures and credentials. Smartweld innovates and delivers data analytics with statistical analysis and machine learning. They provide an all-in-one solution for welding productivity, cost quality, availability, maintenance security, predictive indication, and monitoring of events in real-time. Smartweld ensures the highest levels of quality at the lowest cost and provides maximum visibility into the welding process, providing real-time information. To monitor productivity, quality, availability, maintenance security & jobs in a 24×7 real-time manner, SmartWeld provides user-friendly interfaces focused on the business owners’ satisfaction and quality services at a cost-effective affordable price. Smartweld gives you the best solutions to the most difficult manufacturing challenges. They are known for their superior quality and expert technical support.

The SmartWeld Solution enables welding intelligence through Industry 4.0 IIoT. Every day, the organization is striving to be better and aspire to fulfill its customer expectations as well as surpass them.





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