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Aimed at busy people who struggle to switch off, the new Magic Mind Meditation videos were created by a team of meditation and mindset experts. The channel features a mix of affirmation tracks, binaural beats, and sleep music that can be used to improve mood, enhance relaxation, and manifest specific desires.

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The videos combine principles from brain science and the law of attraction – a law that suggests people attract what they focus their minds on. Ideally used during meditation or while sleeping – when the subconscious mind is most active – they may help listeners achieve optimal states of creativity, focus, and productivity.

The channel features a mix of short videos and longer audios that can be used to induce prolonged states of relaxation. In particular, the binaural beat videos use a kind of musical frequency that can alter a person’s state of mind. They feature a combination of alpha, beta, and delta beats that are shown to deepen relaxation and heighten alertness.

Listeners will also find affirmations on the channel. These tracks include positive phrases that are repeated over and over again. They are often used to rewire a person’s limiting beliefs and are said to help goal-setters more easily manifest their desires. Some of the most recent affirmation videos include affirmations for a healthy pregnancy, business opportunities, and career success.

Explaining how the videos can enhance mental health and wellbeing, a company spokesperson says, “These videos are here to empower you at a spiritual, emotional, and physical level and can be used to visualize and attract what you want while you meditate or sleep. With very little effort, you can use them to elevate your state of consciousness, substitute negative thoughts and emotions, and move closer to your goals.”

About The Company

Magic Mind Meditation is a brainwave entertainment and personal development YouTube channel that is regularly updated with new content. Their videos help busy people achieve higher states of consciousness and rewire their subconscious minds.

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