Chance Meeting Between Harrison and Lennon Could Have Led to Beatles Reunion!


On the latest episode of Los Angeles based podcast “Monstrosity with David Race” (, actress Olivia D’Abo from TV’s “The Wonder Years”, told the host that in the 1990’s when she was dating Julian Lennon, she and Lennon arrived at her home one night and found George Harrison in the living room! D’Abo was not the only famous actress in her family, her cousin Maryam D’Abo was a “Bond girl”. Olivia D’Abo explained to David Race that when she and her boyfriend Julian Lennon pulled up to the Hollywood Hills home she shared with her cousin, they found her cousins friend George Harrison visiting. She explained that neither her nor Julian knew George would be there, and when they walked into the house, Julian and George were very excited to see each other. 

Monstrosity host David Race tells us: “Olivia said George and Julian just spun off talking a mile a minute, thrilled to see each other. The whole thing could easily have led to a Beatles reunion, with Julian stepping in for his deceased father. After all, Julian already had a significant music career going at this point, and his vocals sound just like his Dad’s”. 

Listen to the whole episode and hear the story for yourself. 

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