Ergonomic Support Pillow For Pressure/Pain Relief – Comfort Lounge Range Updated


The latest updates to the item include further details about how the pillow can be used both for relaxation and pressure relief resulting from poor posture.

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The update also covers additional styles and versions of the classic design, providing customers with comfort and support with both the Aspen style and the Fab Faux Fur line.

Poor posture is on the rise around the world, with more and more people working from home without the benefit of specialist equipment. In many cases, this can lead to back pain and put pressure on certain parts of the body due to a lack of support for the neck and spine. Similarly, those recovering from surgery or confined to bed rest for health reasons may find further problems arise as a result of poor positioning or prolonged lack of movement.

The Husband Pillow works to counter these problems and is ideal for lounging in comfort on the bed or sofa, as well as offering adequate support for the upper body. Developed to fit the human form much like a hug, the pillow is sturdy enough to function as a backrest thanks to its shredded memory foam insides. Since the design is adjustable, it can also be changed to help relieve spinal pressure on particular pain points, in turn preventing new issues from occurring.

The innovative shredded memory foam from the company is also excellent for regulating body temperature during use, offering a breathable and comfortable solution for those using the pillow for long periods. Constructed using Husband Pillow’s patented ergonomic design, the pillows promote healthy blood circulation to relieve pressure, pain such as sciatica, numbness, and tingling.

The Original Husband Pillow is available in two sizes, medium and XXL, and a choice of 16 colors. The Aspen design is also available in a range of 12 two-tone color options, or customers can enjoy the luxury of four faux fur choices.

With the latest announcement, Husband Pillow continue to expand their range of valuable, ergonomic, and comfortable pillow designs for customers to lounge with or use as a supportive device.

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