UUEX cryptocurrency exchange is growing the fastest


Singapore, Singapore Jul 5, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – UUEX cryptocurrency exchange is growing the fastest

The speed of change in the cryptocurrency market is mind-boggling, a feature that has become particularly pronounced in recent months. As the price of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin as a token is highly volatile, this means that even a 1% rise or fall will bring a price change of several hundred dollars.

Taking advantage of the high volatility, some investors tend to look for risky investments in highly volatile markets to reap high profits; whereas for sophisticated traders, they are more concerned with seeking low-risk venues in highly volatile markets, making liquid, safe and stable exchanges their preferred choice.

The top exchanges are the best choice for established traders, and after two years of rapid expansion, UUEX is now in the top tier of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The cryptocurrency exchange industry has seen extensive consolidation and uncompetitive exchanges will have to exit the stage of history. According to incomplete statistics, over a thousand exchanges, large and small, have chosen to close since June 2019. The closure of third and fourth tier crypto exchanges has led to a rapid rise in market share for the top cryptocurrency exchanges, with the “horse-trading effect” of cryptocurrency exchanges becoming increasingly apparent. monopolies as their attractiveness accelerates and smaller players are left behind.”

UUEX Exchange (English: UU Exchange) is a leading global digital currency trading platform established in Singapore in August 2020 to create an efficient, diverse and world-class digital asset trading station for digital currency enthusiasts around the world. The company has obtained the MPI Licence (Major Payment Institution Licence) issued by the MAS (Monetary Authority Of Singapore) of the Singapore government to operate legally worldwide. UUEX has now set up sub-stations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, and is live in several countries simultaneously UUEX has been released in Chinese, Japanese and English, and the cumulative number of registered users has exceeded millions. It is the common choice of digital currency enthusiasts in more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, the United States, Singapore and Thailand. The latest figures show that UUEX’s official website continues to receive over 2 million unique visitors every month, with a significant increase in spot trading volume especially for individual investors, who increasingly tend to use UUEX as their preferred cryptocurrency exchange.

The main reason for UUEX’s rapid global take-over of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas in a short period of time is due to the exchange’s humble beginnings, which was originally founded by Larry Chen, a computer science graduate from Carnegie Mellon University CMU. Chen worked at Google’s headquarters in Santa Clara, USA, where he was responsible for projects related to blockchain technology. He was joined later by Linus Li, also a Carnegie Mellon alumnus. Both alumni were involved in cryptocurrency trading technology at an early stage, making UUEX a unique venture from birth.

The elemental resources of a cryptocurrency exchange are reflected in all aspects of platform security, user experience, traffic, capital reserves, technical capabilities, and financial productization capabilities. In terms of security, UUEX has never experienced any security incidents since its launch; in terms of transaction speed, UUEX can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with an average latency of less than 500 milliseconds; in terms of transaction fees, UUEX offers better fees in the industry, and VIP users can also enjoy fee reductions; recently, UUEX has also launched a free 55 USDT upon registration and completion of Recently, UUEX has also launched a cash rebate of 55 USDT upon registration and completion of real name verification, which has won overwhelming recognition from users around the world, with the number of new users increasing by approximately 300,000 on the day of launch alone.

In addition, the UUEX platform is highly liquid, ranking among the top professional ratings for depth of trading volume and trading liquidity. According to the CryptoCompare report, the global cryptocurrency trading market has seen a significant drop in spot trading volumes due to the fall in cryptocurrency prices, while the change in cryptocurrency derivatives trading volumes has not been significant. UUEX is one of the few exchanges in the market that also supports cryptocurrency options and has maintained a high growth rate in the options market. UUEX currently supports a “Option” feature linked to Bitcoin’s live back office, which was introduced by founder Larry, the system is linked to Bitcoin’s live back office and is fully open and transparent with no time difference, You only need to select “Bullish” or “bearish” based on your prediction of the future and choose the amount you want to bet from 10-500 USDT to participate in the game. Your choice matches the future trend and you will earn approximately the same amount as you bet. The betting choice is entirely up to you and is completely unaffected by the shocks in the cryptocurrency world. Most importantly, the high return on bets achieved by this feature is the key to attracting enthusiastic participation from a wide range of user groups, and UUEX continues to introduce cryptocurrency derivatives trading features to meet the trading needs of all types of investors.

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, the accelerated ecological construction also allows UUEX to remain competitive enough in terms of the market. UUEX is also about to start its layout in the GameFi ecology, the Solana public chain and its ecological construction, and the NFT ecology, etc. Linus Li, Head of Research and Strategy of UUEX, has said, “In the past year, with the Bitcoin ubiquity and the explosive growth of NFT and GameFi, UUEX has gained enough market share as a gateway and hub into this new investment space.” The exchange’s eco-building has led to a significant increase in user hours and user stickiness.

In addition to the various events and trading offers online, more exchanges are turning their market attention offline, seeking to expand their reach in the offline market. As international travel opens up and production and life returns to normal in an orderly fashion, more offline activities will be undertaken with the aim of bringing about wider user education and impact among the masses.

UUEX’s Dubai home base has already welcomed three offline investor networking sessions. The industry networking event, which was organised by UUEX with multiple sponsors, attracted investors from several countries. Among them were large traders from the US, as well as many cryptocurrency enthusiasts from Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and elsewhere. In the future, UUEX will also be setting up more offline events. Recently, UUEX plans to partner with MTR Corporation and UUEX plans to have a full-scale “detonation” event in Asia this year, with the aim of reaching investors in Asia more directly.

Deeply committed to the cryptocurrency trading market, serving global trading users, innovators, high net worth investors and unbanked users to enable the practical application of digital assets, UUEX aims to accelerate the adoption and popularity of cryptocurrencies and is committed to making sound money available to all.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are entering an era of oligarchy and extraordinarily fierce competition. While maintaining their own healthy development, it is particularly important for the head exchange to make the market bigger and better and tap into incremental digital currency users, and UUEX will work even harder to do so.





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