Solid Concrete McKinney is Transforming Properties Through its Collin County Concrete Services


Collin County, TX – Solid Concrete McKinney is transforming homes and businesses’ appearance through its Collin County Concrete services. With this service, the company turns old, ugly, boring concrete surfaces into attractive and presentable ones.

Solid Concrete McKinney aims to offer reliable concrete repair and restoration solutions, which extend building structures. To achieve this, the company uses effective methods carried out by a team of experienced and skilled employees. In addition, they have a strong commitment to their work, are hardworking, and deliver quality services.


Concrete is one of the most used materials in buildings and is vulnerable to alkali-silica reaction, cavitation, and rebar corrosion, which leads to structural degradation of concrete slabs. The material can also be subjected to root and impact damage and exposed to water. For this reason, staff members at Solid Concrete McKinney provide fast concrete repairs, including filling cracks, pitting, and spalling.

The specialists address common driveway cracks caused by wet weather, freeze-thaw, and more through their concrete repair and maintenance services. These include smoothing rough patches and complete resurfacing.

The concrete Contractors Plano TX and Mckinney TX provide stamped concrete installations and replacements. Despite being made from concrete, they resemble natural stones and bricks, thus adding aesthetics and boosting properties’ value. Also, the stamped concrete is a fraction of the natural stone costs.


Solid Concrete McKinney stains concrete countertops, a cheaper alternative to granite, flagstone, travertine, and marble. Besides being cost-effective and having limitless designs and applications, these materials are resistant to flaking, distortion, and buckling. Other countertop concrete services include repairs, such as refinishing, polishing, and integrating with a backsplash.

The team is also qualified to conduct decorative concrete ablation, which involves using up-to-date treatments and technologies to transform the appearance of an existing concrete surface. These include adding concrete dyes, using acid etching, decorative etching, and concrete stenciling, which are applicable on walkways, driveways, walls, and countertops.

“Our team of highly motivated and well-mannered repair specialists values the relationship we form with our clients. We provide affordable, high-quality, and durable services to ensure one hundred percent satisfaction to our most valued customers. Because of our efficient and practical solutions, we gain the residential and business owners’ trust and turn them into loyal customers.” The company’s representative noted.

Clients can contact Solid Concrete McKinney through their phone number at (972) 954-4828 to schedule for service. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the services offered. Their office is located in McKinney, TX, 75071, US.

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