Peak Human Performance Strength Clinic Launches a Rehab Service to Help Clients


Peak Human Performance is pleased to announce that they are now offering rehabilitation services to empower people to accomplish their goals, move pain-free and get strong again. People’s growing sedentary lifestyle puts them at risk for chronic health conditions like loss of coordination and balance, back pain, arthritis, low bone density, poor sleep, fatigue, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, and lower mental health. This is where rehabilitation can help.

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Traditional rehabilitation and physio often do not work because people don’t necessarily know or have time to question how their injury happened. There are instances when people may resolve the problem and get relief or minimize the pain. However, they often have no time to guarantee the injury does not happen again.

Peak Human Performance works with its private gym clients to create a customized program to their conditions, goals, needs, and lifestyles. Their team of personal trainers can help people to understand their condition, determine the barriers to engaging in physical activity and movement, determine the ideal type and dose of exercise, create a program to allow them to reach their goals, and offer strategies in line with the newest research evidence to strengthen their health.

According to Riad Hechame, “We perform manual therapy and resistance training based on the bio mechanic and movement pattern which lead to the injury in the first place. That ensures that not only the pain is reduced and removed but also that the risk of injury is massively lowered by strengthening all stabilizer muscles and main movers and ensuring the patient is structurally balanced.”

The private gym understands that improvement is only possible with adherence and repetition to the program. They work closely with personal trainers to accomplish their patients’ best results and goals.

Peak Human Performance has a fully equipped rehabilitation private gym. Their specialists are also skilled in diagnosing, identifying, and optimizing movement patterns through customized exercise programs such as rehabilitation for neck and back pain, rehabilitation before and after injury, rehabilitation for athletes and hobby athletes, strength training, and many more.

About Peak Human Performance

Established and founded by Riad Hechame to strengthen the performance and health of their clients in the shortest but healthy time frames. They pride themselves on being geared with the best facility in the entire Asian region. All their equipment is functional and made to be used by athletes. Anyone can train like an athlete with Peak Human Performance.

To learn more about Peak Human Performance’s rehabilitation services, call Riad Hechame at 017-773 3248 or send an email at [email protected] Visit their official website to learn more about their services.

Peak Human Performance
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