Columbia South Carolina, United States, 7th Jul 2022, King NewsWire, Aside from having a tribal background and worshipping differently from others. A death of a family member brought about a blunt , sharp , and need to be heard sound. Set apart from your average rapper. Cr6wn paints pictures that seems as if you lived it. Knowing most crowns are spelled with an “o” the 6 in the middle represents the chakras it takes to make a crown. Being born in Jersey, moving to the Carolinas made a lot of what if’s, but the sound they couldn’t deny. DOGON is screamed a lot because that’s the tribe meaning NO GOD. So with this chilling double edge sword like style is something to look forward too. I present to you CR6WN.


Media Contact

Organization: Cr6wn

Contact Person: Crown Hilary

Email: Send Email

State: Columbia South Carolina

Country: United States


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