New Liquidity Injection Protocol aims to hasten the adoption of Web 3.0 Technologies.


Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States, 7th Jul 2022, Block Busters Token (BBTF) has launched its presale process which can be found at The innovations leveraged by this token extend beyond the complexity of the contract into the innovations it provides for the wider decentralized finance space. 

The Smart Contract for BBTF is innovative and provides utility to its holders. It does this in two ways: First, it reflects 8 tokens that also provide reflections. This model essentially compounds rewards to holders of the BBTF token by allowing them to receive reflections from the volume of the token itself, but additionally receive rewards from the individual volume of all 8 tokens reflected. Secondly, the smart contract benefits from its internal rewards structure. This allows the contract to automate liquidity injections by participating in the rewards/reflections from other tokens. This compounded rewards model will help provide more frequent liquidity injections. 

The token adds to liquidity not only from the volume but also from its software development infrastructure. The company aims to release a series of SAAS applications that will generate profit that is automatically turned into liquidity for the token. This means that the token health will be improved by an infrastructure of independent businesses that feed its ability to be purchased and sold. 

 Founder and CEO of the Protocol, Don Bailey stated that “The company beyond the token will help build software instruments that utilize the token as the central vehicle for driving adoption” Block Busters has already announced more than 25 planned releases. 

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