Benefits Of A Graphene Ceramic Spray On Coating For Cars


Detail Medic, an automotive detailing product manufacturer out of Florida has produced a graphene ceramic spray on coating for cars that offers an increased durability and longevity over your standard ceramic coatings. Providing paint protection against dirt, dust and acid rain among other numerous contaminants and the harshest of elements. Why would you choose a graphene infused coating spray over a standard ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings have been around for decades and have been one of the single greatest advancements that have been made in the auto-detailing world. Providing paint protection against all sorts of contaminants and elements. With years and years of advancement and new ceramic technologies the bar just keeps getting higher and higher, with coatings lasting longer, providing a better shine and even more protection.

The new type of coating that’s growing in popularity are graphene infused ceramic coatings which provide a better longevity, better hydrophobic effects because of a higher contact point and with the molecular structure of graphene which is made of carbon allows it to be much more flexible and applicable to more things than your standard ceramic coating is. When an Si02 coating is applied it crystalizes and bonds with whatever porous surface it’s applied to and protects it from a multitude of things. The difference with graphene is that it doesn’t crystalize. It remains flexible with the help of it’s honeycomb molecular structure allow it to bond to all kinds of porous and non-porous surfaces unlike a traditional ceramic coating.

Along with its flexibility, the honeycomb structure of graphene makes it extremely strong. To the point of being the strongest material on Earth while only being a single atom thick and it’s 200x stronger than steel! Along with that graphene is more heat resistant than ceramic and has even started to be used in ships being sent into space for it’s increased heat resistance and electrical conductivity. It has already been tested and used inside heat pipes which are devices inside of satellites which help regulate temperatures and help the satellites run reliably.

Besides the added strength and heat resistance over a traditional ceramic coating. A graphene coating also has improved hydrophobics as a result of it’s higher contact angle. Allowing water to bead up and sheet off with much better efficiency. Graphene coatings are highly regarded at also being much easier to apply than ceramic coatings with the fact that graphene doesn’t crystalize. Because ceramic or silicon dioxide crystalizes once it’s cured, it can create high and low spots if not applied properly. Graphene doesn’t crystalize so the margin for error is very minimal when applying it. The ease of use of a graphene coating allows even the newest and most inexperienced detailers the ability to apply the coating without worry of botching the application and wasting not only hours but also money.

One of the last benefits a graphene car coating spray has over a normal ceramic coating is the anti-static properties which help prevent dust and dirt but sticking to the surface making washing an easier experience. Being very helpful for the interior of your vehicle especially if you have pets and preventing any fur from sticking to the vehicle’s interior surfaces.

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