Shaw 3 Law Firm is now taking on clients for CPS defense cases.


San Bernardino, California Jul 10, 2022 ( – Shaw 3 Law Firm (S3LF) is proud to announce it represents clients dealing with Child Protective Services (CPS).

Walter Shaw, Managing Attorney and Founding attorney of Shaw 3 Law Firm (S3LF) found there is an immediate need in providing legal representation in the fields of Child Protective Services (CPS) in the local community.

Oftentimes, when a client (Parent, relative, and/or foster parent) is being accused of either abuse or neglect by the CPS, the only type of available attorney provided to the client, is Court Appointed counsel. Cases in the realm of Juvenile Dependency are unique in themselves. Only a handful of attorneys in the state of California, let alone the local community of San Bernardino County practice it, Mr. Shaw and his firm being the few that practice Juvenile Dependency/CPS law.

The field of Juvenile Dependency/CPS law is so unique and specific that finding lawyers, let alone a qualified Juvenile Dependency/CPS Defense lawyer is very difficult. And when clients sometimes do find a lawyer to take on their case, the lawyer can oftentimes not be entirely qualified.

Clients such as parents, relatives, and/or foster parents, who are alleged victims in their CPS case should be given greater legal options as it relates to legal representation.

Mr. Shaw and his firm believe extending his practice to include Juvenile Dependency/CPS Defense cases will only provide the local community greater value.





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