• The job of promoting products is called modeling, a common mistake among Iranian people is that they think that modeling is a person, while modeling is a job and the model is the person doing the modeling. Modeling has different branches and everyone enters one of the branches according to their talent, for example, some are only eyeglass models and some are only clothing models. Modeling is one of the most lucrative and attractive jobs in the world.

Models are people who provide an ideal representation of their physical body in the field of business and art.

Models can play a very effective role in designing and introducing clothing.

The activity of models does not end here, and by using models, any product and industry can be introduced to others.

The modeling and becoming a model industry has not been in the form that we see today, and among the first people who were in this industry as models were athletes and heroes, and some politicians and political people were also active in this industry.

are This process continued until modeling became a tool to promote the culture and customs of different societies and countries.

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