Biography of entrepreneur Amir Mohsen Moradian:

Amir Mohsen Moradian was born in Tehran.
He is a speaker artist and podcaster.

Amir Mohsen Moradian is one of the most successful motivational speakers. With his books about the psychology of success, he has become popular among people as an influential person.

He is very much in love with his job, in fact, it can be safely said that he has been very successful in this field.

Amir Mohsen Moradian is in a unique position to interview leading and prominent experts in the field of personal success and development and share their success experiences with others.

Amir Mohsen Moradian has a great interest and passion for success and personal development, and this is the main field of his business and the basis of his life. He is committed to helping others achieve their inherent potential so that they can experience a more fulfilling and fulfilling life.





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