Ali Hasani

He said:

We also do activities in the field of music.

 We did research in the field of advertising and came to the conclusion that our audience should not look at Ali Hasani only as an advertising person.

 Rather, they should look at the eyes of someone who is an artist himself and has a number of abilities that he can use to perform more positive activities that involve the audience with him (only if his job is to give a gift, for example) do the rest) If I give a gift, it is because it motivates the audience to do something.

Along with these activities, we decided to go towards art and we said to ourselves, what better field than music,

which people love so much?

Of course, let me also say that we are making music professionally.

In the sense that we work with well-known arrangers and poets.

Of course, I myself have a hand in poetry and poetry, but we try to use the abilities of other children in this field.

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