Due to the high sensitivity of this method, eyebrow implantation requires a specialized and standard clinic with the best implantation methods under the supervision of the best specialist in the treatment of people.

کاشت مو

کاشت ابرو

کاشت ریش

جراحی پلک


کاشت ابروی طبیعی

کاشت ابرو

In general, if we want to define eyebrow transplant, we must say that natural eyebrow transplant, or eyebrow transplant, is a process in which Renaissance specialized clinic first removes the hair from the sides of the ear, or the armpit (because the hair on the side of the ear is soft (wet and similar to eyebrow hair) are harvested and planted along the person’s eyebrows. As mentioned, the principles and rules of natural eyebrow transplantation are the same as hair transplantation, that is, after a few days, the transplanted eyebrow hairs fall out, and new eyebrow hairs sprout in about 3 months, and finally, within 9 months after eyebrow transplantation, eyebrow hairs grow. It is complete and complete, and it is better for people to use the best hair transplant methods for eyebrow transplant, so that they can experience the best density of eyebrow growth with a natural appearance in a shorter period of time without any complications or problems.

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