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Most people think that the role of a real estate agent can be removed for any transaction, and they do not do anything special during the transaction, and in fact, the fee paid to the real estate agent is an additional cost.

These people think that they can sell their property without the intervention or presence of a real estate consultant, but this is a false idea.

Sometimes it is possible that the transaction can be done correctly and without problems without a consultant, but if there is a 1% problem, you will receive advice from someone who has expertise in this field and was present during the transaction.

A real estate consultant, like other jobs in the world, has duties that society is less familiar with.

Seller consultants
These consultants help people who intend to rent or sell their property and do marketing for selling or renting their property.

Buyer consultants
These consultants help people who are planning to buy a property to find the property they want.

Bilateral advisors
These consultants advise both sides of the transaction, the seller and the buyer.

Consultants have the duty to honestly advise both sides of the transaction and guide them correctly.

There are more difficult responsibilities for two-way consultants, and it can be said that this category of consultants has more difficult duties than other categories of consultants.

This group of consultants represent the buyer and the seller and have the duty to give advice to both sides of the transaction without considering the interests of one of the parties.

Compliance with ethics:
It can be said that one of the important duties of a real estate consultant is to observe ethics and trustworthiness.

Real estate consultants must respect honesty, trustworthiness, justice and must respect the impartiality of justice for both sides of the transaction so that the transaction ends in the benefit of both parties.

Also, the real estate consultant must observe ethics and refrain from provoking both sides of the transaction and creating differences between them

Authentication and side of the transaction parties:
Another duty of a real estate consultant is to verify the identity of the parties. Authentication means checking the identification documents of the parties to the transaction and ensuring the authenticity of the parties.

Sometimes, profit-seeking people may be seen in the market who intend to commit fraud in this way, so it is necessary for spelling consultants to properly perform their task of checking the identity of the parties in order to prevent this problem.
Also, consultants should check that the parties to the transaction are not forbidden.

The necessary documents for authentication are the national card and birth certificate of individuals, but individuals can request more documents from the parties to create more certainty.

Another duty of the real estate consultant is to check the eligibility of the parties to make the transaction to determine whether the person has the ability to make the transaction in terms of intellect, age, etc.

In some cases, people may not be of the right age to do real estate transactions, so they should go to the offices of real estate consultants with their guardians.

For this reason, real estate consultants should examine the provided guardianship letter.

Also, in other cases, some people from the parties to the transaction (the person may be sick) become their attorneys for real estate transactions, so real estate consultants should examine the person’s documents and such power of attorney.

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