The competition of young Iranian photographers with international photographers started in 2023

With the start of accepting the works of the world’s young photographers in the ninth edition of the “Andre Stanin” International Competition in Russia, young Iranian photographers can submit their works to this prestigious competition this year.
In the eighth round of this art competition, four young Iranian photographers won the top prizes in the four main sections of this competition and received their prizes on the sidelines of Andre Stanin’s photo exhibition in Tehran.

The organizing committee of the 9th International Young Photographers of the World Competition announced: Acceptance of works for the New Year competition will continue until February 28, corresponding to March 9, 1401.
This competition is named in honor of the photojournalist of the “Russia Segodnya” media group who died in the summer of 2014 while on duty near the city of Donetsk.

All amateur or professional photographers between the ages of 18 and 33 can send their works to the contest information base at: and upload them with their specifications.

The number of titles and groups in 2023 remained unchanged compared to the previous period and included four main titles, including “Top News”, “Sports”, “My Planet” and “Portrait of the Hero of Our Time” in two groups titled “Effect Tech” and “photo series” where photographers can submit one work and one series in each of the titles.

The prizes of this year’s competition for the first, second and third places in each group will be 125 thousand rubles, 100 thousand rubles and 75 thousand rubles equivalent to one thousand seven hundred euros, one thousand four hundred euros and one thousand euros respectively.

Also, the winner of the biggest prize of the competition, Andre Stanin, will also receive 700,000 rubles, equivalent to about 10,000 euros.

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