Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has introduced its artificial intelligence called LLaMA. “Today we’re releasing a new AI language model called Llama designed to help researchers advance their work,” said Meta CEO Mark Zucker berg. This artificial intelligence will also perform text generation, conversation, summarizing written content, and more complex tasks such as solving mathematical problems.

Meta also announced that this model was trained on 20 world languages and with the help of public data from websites like Wikipedia.

Llama model, short for “big language model of meta artificial intelligence”, is currently not implemented in any meta products such as Instagram.

While ChatGPT has created a storm in the world of technology, Microsoft and Google have introduced similar tools to compete with this system.

Microsoft has introduced a new version of its Bing search engine, which is powered by an upgraded version of the same artificial intelligence technology that underpins the ChatGPT bot.

Microsoft has tried to superficially imitate ChatGPT by using artificial intelligence in its browser. Google has recently introduced the “Bard” system as a fierce competitor of this system.

“Bard” is Google’s conversation-oriented artificial intelligence service, which is currently available in the market as a test, and currently only has the ability to answer users’ questions and participate in some conversations.

Since November 2022, with the launch and introduction of ChatGPT on the web, people’s interest in generating text with artificial intelligence has increased very quickly.

However, some experts still believe that AI language systems like ChatGPT tend to provide false information rather than the truth.

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