Iran -Venezuela Cultural Exhibition

On the occasion of the Cultural Week of Iran and Venezuela, and with the efforts of Venezuela’s cultural activists, the two countries’ cultural exhibition began operating in one of the main squares of Caracas on March 5.

The exhibition, which is held in several booths, has a common cultural context between the two nations by the organizers to the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela, as one of the South American countries, is full of economic opportunities. In recent years, the two countries have been able to communicate effectively in understanding each other’s culture and people by communicating in different areas.

The Persian Gulf booths are aimed at introducing Iran, the booth of Venezuela, the female and hijab booths, the child booth and the medical services booth, including the existing booths at the exhibition.

According to A. Mari that we have reached, it seems that the Iranian -Venezuelan cultural exhibition is welcomed by the people of this country. The exhibition will continue for 20 more days.





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