You can also chat with ChatGPT on Apple Watch

ChatGPT is a new generation of artificial intelligence systems that can have a conversation and produce understandable text for humans. The chat bat format makes it possible to answer questions and admit mistakes, challenge incorrect answers or questions, and think like real humans.

Thanks to the watchGPT application, you can directly interact with the GPT chat through Apple Watch. watchGPT allows you to share your ChatGPT conversation with others via SMS, email or social media. The developer of watchGPT says that the app does not collect any user data. The app is also available in English, Spanish, French and Dutch. To use watchGPT, you need to purchase this application by paying $3.99 in the App Store.

The current version of watchGPT is only able to answer a question, but in the next updates it is supposed to have a full conversation with ChatGPT. The next version of watchGPT will also enable saving the history of working with this chatbot and will read ChatGPT’s text responses out loud. OpenAI has recently released a new API for ChatGPT for monetization. Thanks to this API, different businesses can integrate ChatGPT into their services.

But in the explanation of artificial intelligence, it should be said that it is the intelligence that emerged by machines, while natural intelligence is provided by living beings. Artificial intelligence is used to describe a machine created by humans that thinks like humans. Some of the applications of artificial intelligence can be seen in the Google search engine and systems such as Amazon and YouTube and automobile companies such as Tesla or in most of today’s games, the simplest of which is chess.





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