The tree that inspired the lovely books

The family of Jill Barklam, the author and illustrator of the popular book series about the mouse family, found the tree that inspired the creation of this picture book series.

The family of “Jill Barklam” has found a real tree that once inspired the creation of the “Brambley Hedge” book series by this British author and illustrator.

This series of books, which is famous for its detailed illustrations, was initially published in the form of four books called “Spring Story”, “Summer Story”, “Autumn Story” and “Winter Story” and the story of group adventures. It tells about mice who live in a peaceful place.

“Barklem” was born in England and started the process of creating this collection of books when he entered art college in the early 70s.

The author, who died in 2017 at the age of 66, did extensive research to create the books, pre-testing all the dishes depicted in the collection of stories to make sure the combination of ingredients was possible. Also, many of the locations mentioned in these books are taken from places in Epping Forest, which is located near where he and his family lived.

“One of the main trees I remember visiting as a child was the Hornbeam tree that was the home of the Tadflex family in the book series,” says the author’s son, Peter Barklam. . I had heard rumors that this tree was destroyed during a storm a few years ago, but there were conflicting reports. So I went to the tree myself.”

Therefore, “Peter” along with some photos of this tree that his mother took in the 90s and a copy of the book “Winter’s Story” in which the said tree is depicted many times, visited some places The place mentioned in the book went. He finally found the Hornbeam tree, which is still intact.





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