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In today’s advanced world, there are many websites that offer tips and tutorials for DJs in the form of text and video that are ideal for learning. Most professionals share their experience to avoid repetitive mistakes. Since it is not possible to randomly mix songs in DJing, it requires the necessary knowledge to use the equipment and also many experts share their knowledge with their fans to help them increase their skills. Help their DJs. With the advancement of technology, DJing has become a very easy task, and this is due to the existence of many softwares that have been produced in this field, and most DJs use a combination of software and hardware for this purpose. . To improve your DJ skills, you need to know how to use these tools and software effectively, and you can follow the tutorials and tips online.

Independent training

There are many private schools and professors who also offer autonomous DJ training. Depending on your needs and circumstances, you can attend these face-to-face classes by paying for the courses and get the information you want. . The duration of the courses varies, you can choose the most suitable one.

The difference between a DJ device and a controller from DJ Alvin:

The difference between a DJ machine and a controller:

If we want to have an analysis on the difference between these two superpowers of the DJ category, we need a lot of time, which does not fit here, but we will mention a series of important issues:

After all the competition and skepticism of the user by the companies, the question is still which one is better ?!

But asking this question is like asking the question, which car is better? !! which should be answered in what way? !!

The differences between the DJ device and the controller, we have to see from which perspective we want to look at it.

Perhaps the first and most important difference between the two in terms of sound power can be called quality, and that is why in all major festivals such as Tomoralland or Abiza, the most commonly used instrument is certainly the DJ device. And one of the reasons is the use of a large number of bands and the need for a powerful sound card and a professional multi-channel mixer.

But in response to the question of most students, it should be said that in an Iranian ceremony, we need a maximum of how many bands of output? !!! 6 to leave !!

Another difference that we must mention and in many ways is important is its economic issue !!

You have to spend about 3 million Tomans to buy a very ordinary DJ device and about 18 million Tomans for a set of more professional devices !!

But to buy a DJ controller, we are facing a more economical economic range, one to 7 or 8 million Tomans !!!

DJ devices have the ability to use CDs and in its advanced models have a USB port and the ability to connect to software (laptops), but the only music bank of most DJ controllers is laptops.

Perhaps the arena of launching the launch pad can be called one of the most important parts of Mix Live, which most DJs usually have, but even the powerful and expensive DJ machine of the Pioneer 2000 model does not have it !!

In general, as we mentioned at the beginning, we can not say in general which one is better, for example, from the point of view of our eyes and our eyes, Iranians play the first letter in the DJ machine because it is bigger !!! 🙂

The next difference that most users master in terms of speed and convenience is the AutoSync part of the DJ controller that no DJ device has and there is a lot of discussion in this regard that this is not a professional mixing method that in

We will deal with mixing, mastering and Beat Matching
But we must first know what we want from this field and what the desired style will be in the future

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