Concerns about China’s decision to develop its artificial intelligence

After China’s announcement to develop artificial intelligence, it created concerns in other countries, and as a result, there were requests to apply regulations and bans against this flow.

According to the news of Germany’s “NTV”, China wants to support the development of artificial intelligence in its country. This statement has caused concern in Europe and the United States, and as a result, calls for regulations or bans are getting louder day by day.

Austrian Minister of Digitalization Florian Torsky said that if these projects are implemented without having more information about how it works, it is necessary to remove the artificial intelligence systems created from the EU market and eventually they will be banned.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has also mentioned China. He spoke of the need for swift action regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on American society and the global economy, and emphasized that he is preparing a nonpartisan plan to do so.

China’s internet regulator, the CAC, announced on Tuesday that it supports the development of generative artificial intelligence, for example, the ChatGPT type of technology. However, the corresponding content must be consistent with basic socialist values, the statement said. Therefore, providers must be responsible for the data and face penalties if they do not comply with these rules.

According to him, however, due to the rapid development, hopes for an agreement at the EU level were lost.

According to Schumer’s office, the U.S. has been debating a basic framework for the regulations for months, including leading artificial intelligence experts. The goal is to provide a specification that can be adapted to future developments.

Generative AI through Microsoft’s OpenAI holding company ChatGPT has made waves in politics, business, and IT. For example, the program can answer questions or generate entire texts based on a few keywords. Large, pre-fed amounts of text serve as a base. There are concerns about false responses and data protection in this technology. That’s why ChatGPT is blocked in Italy. The French data protection officer CNIL has also put this action on the agenda. In Germany, the Federal Digital Ministry rejected the ban.


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