Ata Alizadeh talks about his special technique in boxing

Ata Alizadeh is Iran’s national boxing champion. So far, he has severely defeated Qadri’s rivals, including Mehdi Toloui, Amin Bakshizadeh, Naser Azadi, etc. He also won various titles such as Tehran boxing champion in 1389, Lorestan province champion in 1388, selected champion of the national team and many more successes by winning important domestic competitions.

Alizadeh says about his special check hook technique: “This movement is very dependent on the specific conditions of the fight because the only way to execute this technique is when the opponent suddenly attacks or comes forward quickly. Basically, while you bring the opponent’s foot forward on the heel You turn your left hand and execute the hook technique at the same time. When you turn on the sides, the opponent is confused for a few moments and at the same time, the axial force is added to the hook movement and knocks the opponent to the ground. If this is done correctly, the opponent should act quickly on the ground. Mayweather and after him the invincible Ricky Hutton used the check hook move for knockout and in many cases it is considered as the purest boxing move.


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