Biography of Ms. Artist Ferita:

Mrs. Ferita was born in the north of Iran.

He is interested in guitar and singing and started this profession under the supervision of Mehdi Sepehr.
After some time, with the help of Professor Hamidi, they worked as backing vocals in the “Avaz Del-Navigan” group.

The artist was also interested in the three-stringed instrument and she has participated in many concerts and performances.
They have been trained in the art of three strings under the supervision of Professor Hamidi.
And they started working as backing vocals in concerts and performances under the supervision of Master Mozen.
start performances,
The concerts motivated Ferita a lot and she started an album with master Mohammad Mozen called (To Bashi All of Me)
This album was a great privilege for Ferita and she started working with the good teachers and musicians of our country.





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