Moscow warns London about the “shadow of the storm”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that London’s decision to send long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine is another step towards a “sharp escalation” of the conflict in Ukraine.

According to the Rashatudi news agency, the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that this action is “a very unfriendly step on the part of Britain, which shows the unprecedented level of London’s intervention in this conflict.”

In the continuation of this statement, it is stated: England is so consumed with geopolitical games that it is apparently ready to cross any red line and bring this conflict to a completely new level in terms of destruction and casualties.

According to the statement, Moscow reserves the right to take necessary measures to neutralize any threat posed by these British cruise missiles. Russia also blamed the destructive actions of London and those who were “behind this ill-considered action” for the consequences of this escalation.

Britain announced last Thursday that it will send several Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Ukraine. These missiles have a range of 250 kilometers, and British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace called sending them to Ukraine “a measured and proportionate response” by London to the conflict.


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