Rap writing skills and tips with Mahyar

Rap is one of the most common and popular styles today. This style of music has become so popular that many fans of this genre want to start rapping and writing rap songs themselves. Although there is a lot of information in this field, many people still do not know where and how to start their work.

Mahyar is one of the members of the Asli group under the management of Mohammad Reza shayea and manager Hamid Reza Jafari, in one of his interviews: “Actually, the style of rap or hip-hop is basically focused on expressing your feelings and making lyrics based on the beat. All famous rappers repeat every day. They practice songwriting.By writing, you exercise your brain and enrich your vocabulary.

In addition, writing helps you improve the way you use words, which is a key to becoming a professional rapper. Based on my personal experience, I recommend that you start writing daily from today and put your thoughts and feelings on paper in the appropriate form of rap.





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