Reviving the dead with artificial intelligence

Technology experts and grief therapists are debating the idea of whether technology, and specifically artificial intelligence, can help people grieve a loss. Technology experts believe that designing a digital copy of someone who has passed away by simulating their sound and image can help in better acceptance of death for those around them, and this technology will soon be available to the public. This proposal of technology experts has caused many discussions on Twitter.

The topic of these discussions started when Prateek Desai, a senior artificial intelligence expert based in the US, tweeted on April 8: “From now on, start recording the voices of your parents, elders and loved ones on a regular basis. By collecting enough text, audio and video data, there is a 100% chance that they will be able to live with you forever after leaving their physical body. Even by the end of this year, this possibility may be provided.”

After sending this tweet, which caused a lot of controversy and was criticized by many users, many users considered the artificial intelligence expert’s comment as an idea similar to apocalyptic movies, and some other users believed that the idea of simulating the life of the dead is immoral or It is unhealthy for the mental health of the survivors.

Some other users considered this idea of Desai similar to the story of one of the episodes of the famous series Black Mirror. One of the characters in this episode of the Black Mirror series communicates with his fiancee after his death with the help of artificial intelligence technology and lives with his resurrected fiancee.

Desai later wrote in response to these criticisms that “I watched that episode of Black Mirror. “I now realize that the decision to contact the bereaved is a very personal matter, and I sincerely apologize for hurting your feelings.”

Recently, due to the many advances in artificial intelligence and the popularity of chatbots such as ChatGPT, users have become familiar with the potential dangers of the limitless development of this technology while using them and being amazed by the ever-increasing developments of artificial intelligence-based platforms. Technology experts have also found different opinions than before and the issue of making digital copies of people after death has been questioned by them.


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