Juventus fine was announced!

The Italian Federal Court banned Juventus from this Serie A season by deducting 10 points.

Juventus have been found guilty of inflated transfer fees in order to increase capital gains. In effect, it looked like they were moving much larger club assets than they actually were.

The meeting took place today in Rome, and FIGC prosecutor Giuseppe Chin proposed a deduction of 11 points, up from the nine points he had originally requested in January 2023.

Instead, the jury’s final opinion was a vote to deduct 10 points. With this vote, Juventus’ points in Serie A have decreased from 69 points to 59, and their position has increased from second to seventh.

Juve could file another appeal, but that is unlikely to succeed given the latest attempt, which found the club in breach of Article 4 – financial fair play and sporting discipline.

This is the third time that the FIGC Federal Court of Appeal has decided on this situation.

The first time was in May 2022, when a total of 11 clubs (Juventus, Napoli, Genoa, Sampdoria, Empoli, Parma, Pieza, Peru Vercelli, Pescara, Novara and Chievo) and 61 managers all faced rejection.

This decision was made because it was practically impossible to prove how much a player was worth in the transfer market; Except for the figure that the two clubs agree on.

However, Juve alone overturned the ruling on appeal due to new evidence brought up by the Prisma police investigation into their finances, including wiretapped phone calls and documents.

Although Chinese prosecutors only asked for nine penalty points, the court decided to deduct 15 points and disqualify several managers.

Juventus won an appeal in April claiming the 15-point penalty was excessive, sending it back to the FIGC Court of Appeal for a third ruling.

The court’s verdict was deemed unfair, and Pavel Nedode, Paolo Garimberti, Asia Grazioli-Venier, Caitlin Mary Hughes, Daniela Marilongo and Francesco Roncalio were all acquitted of wrongdoing.

This ruling has been confirmed today. This made Andrea Agnelli, Fabio Paratici, Federico Crubbini and Maurizio Arrivabne responsible for the capital raising scandal.





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