Russia fired hundreds of German workers

The German Foreign Ministry announced that the Russian government has told hundreds of German employees to leave the country by June 1.

“Suddeutsche Zeitung” newspaper reported yesterday that the Russian government plans to reduce the number of Germans working in German institutions in this country to 350 people; This decision will cause hundreds of Germans to leave Russia even before June.

According to this report, the list of Germans who have to leave Russia includes some diplomats, teachers and employees of the Goethe Institute.

According to Zoddeutsche, Russia believes that the German government has sent twice as many employees to this country as Moscow has sent to Germany, and for this reason, the Russian Foreign Ministry has decided to increase the number of German employees in this country in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Reduce the number of German institutions and cultural organizations to 350 people.

According to the Tass news agency, the German Foreign Ministry told this newspaper that this restriction will begin on June 1 and requires the reduction of German forces in all areas of our presence in Russia.





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