Sudan’s army and rapid support forces announced that they are ready to extend the ceasefire agreement in Jeddah.

According to al-Mayadin, the army and the rapid support forces of Sudan announced that they are ready to extend the ceasefire agreement in Sudan. This agreement, which will end on Monday evening, has led to a reduction in the intensity of conflicts in Sudan during its implementation period.

The Sudanese army announced in a statement on Sunday: The possibility of agreeing to the extension of the ceasefire agreement, which will end tomorrow evening, is under consideration. The Sudanese army adheres to the humanitarian ceasefire agreement signed last Saturday in Jeddah.

Sudan’s rapid support forces also issued a statement a little earlier than the army of this country: We declare our full readiness to continue negotiations, to examine the possibility of extending the ceasefire agreement and to advance humanitarian affairs. Sudan’s rapid support forces will continue to monitor the implementation of the ceasefire to test the seriousness and commitment of the other side regarding the extension of the ceasefire agreement.

In a joint statement, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America invited the two sides of the conflict in Sudan to extend the ceasefire agreement and added: The extension of the ceasefire agreement will facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid needed by the people of Sudan.

In the continuation of this joint statement, it is stated: If the current ceasefire agreement is not extended, both sides of the conflicts will still be obliged to adhere to their commitments in the short-term ceasefire agreement and declare their commitment to protect civilians.

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