The “Korean Economic Daily” newspaper, citing South Korean diplomatic and government sources, wrote that Seoul and Washington are looking for ways to release seven billion dollars of frozen Iranian assets in South Korean banks.

According to these sources, South Korean government officials and senior American officials are following discussions led by Washington to release funds blocked by South Korean banks.

In the following, it is stated that if a solution is found in this field, strict conditions will be considered for Iran’s use of money, such as the fact that instead of being directly transferred inside this country, Iranian assets will be transferred to branches of Iranian banks in Iran’s neighboring countries and used Tehran will be under serious surveillance.

The “Corin Economic Daily” newspaper, citing the Middle East media, added that the possible agreement of the United States depends on the fulfillment of the conditions it has set for Iran, including the release of an American citizen who is imprisoned in Iran on charges of espionage, and also the limitation of 60% uranium enrichment. Country.

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