A space walk was done to install the solar panel

Two NASA astronauts successfully installed new solar panels on the International Space Station during a spacewalk.

According to Space, this set of walks was done to improve the power supply chain of the Earth orbit laboratory.

“Stephen Bowen” and “Warren Hoburg”, the two crew members of the “Expedition 69” mission, worked outside the International Space Station for 6 hours and 3 minutes yesterday.

The two astronauts switched on the batteries of their spacesuits and left the station at 13:25 GMT.

Bowen and Hoburg went to the iROSA solar panels, which had been temporarily mounted, as had been done by various astronauts in the past. Hoburg installed a portable base holder at the end of the Candarm2 robotic arm. Next, he mounted the arm, which was controlled by Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Niyadi from inside the International Space Station.

After Bowen removed the iROSA from its pallet, Hoburg held the 340 kg panel to carry it to its installation location.





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