A robot that sweats while walking

Scientists have created the first human-like robot that walks outdoors and sweats, vibrates and breathes like a human.

Arizona State University (ASU) scientists have redesigned a robot used by apparel companies for sports equipment to simulate the thermal functions of the human body, according to the Daily Mail.

“Andy” robot simulates human reaction to heat with artificial pores.

As an experimental model, this robot can help to study human coping with extreme heat. The first walking mannequin has the ability to generate heat, vibrate and breathe.

This robot has artificial pores for sweating and heat pressure sensors in 35 different levels on the body surface of the model.

Every year, thousands of people die from heat-related illnesses, and this number has increased drastically due to climate change.

Researchers and scientists hope to reduce this number by conducting experiments on this robot to have a better understanding of human reaction to extreme temperatures.

This thermal robot can work up a sweat with custom internal cooling channels to circulate cool water throughout its body.

Scientists believe that a diabetic patient has a different thermal regulation than a healthy person; So we can take all these changes into account with our customized models.

The robot can be programmed to react to different people’s faces based on weight, age and other factors.

This robot can be placed in programmed warm rooms to simulate different thermal conditions.





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