Unprecedented air pollution in New York

Following the continuation of numerous forest fires in the eastern states of Canada, air pollution in New York City has reached an unprecedented level.

According to the IQAir database, the air quality index in New York reached 167 degrees last Wednesday, which is the second worst air pollution in the world after New Delhi, the capital of India.

In this context, the Department of Environmental Protection in New York and the health authorities of this city have issued guidelines on maintaining health in the conditions of air pollution in several areas of New York City. These trends are issued when the air quality index exceeds 100 degrees, which means that pollution has reached dangerous levels and is affecting health.

Wildfires in Canada continue to cause severe weather conditions in the United States, and thick smoke from the fires is moving south.

Cloudy skies with very poor visibility and poor air quality are evident in most parts of the Northeast and Midwest, and even parts of the southern United States of America such as Carolina.

According to this report, adverse air quality warnings have been issued in 17 US states and in cities such as Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, Raleigh and St. Louis.

The intensity of the fires has exceeded the capacity of water bombers and firefighters are currently unable to control the fires. Firefighters from other Canadian states are also unable to help Quebec officials because they are busy fighting other fires, but statistics show that 200 firefighters are currently on their way to Quebec from France and the United States.

Local officials say the number of wildfires in Canada has risen to 400 and the situation does not appear to improve in the coming days.





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