The founder of Twitter talks about India and Turkey

According to Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, the platform is facing the threat of closure in India, Nigeria and Turkey unless it follows the order to restrict user accounts.

These events happened while India wanted to reduce the use of this platform by journalists and protesters.

Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter in 2021, after which Elon Musk bought the social platform in 2022.

In an interview with a news channel on YouTube, Dorsey said: For example, India is a country that had many requests about farmers’ protests, as well as some special journalists who were very important to the government.

Indian farmers ended their protests in 2021 after receiving concessions from the government regarding some agricultural laws. The protests were mainly aimed at the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party.

In this regard, Dorsey added: This was manifested in various ways, for example, the government announced that if you do not comply with our conditions, we will shut down Twitter in India (which is a very large market for us), we attacked the homes of employees. We do that they actually did this and we close the offices of this platform. While India is a democratic country.

The Indian government has previously denied any online censorship and said it only intends to limit fake news and posts that threaten safety and peace.

Dorsey pointed to similar pressure from the governments of Turkey and Nigeria, which over the past years have restricted the platform for different periods of time nationally and then released it.

He further added: Türkiye also behaved very similar to India. We had several requests from Turkey and we fought the government of this country in court and we won, but they constantly threatened to shut down our platform.

In addition, the situation of this social platform has been similar in Nigeria, so that Twitter did not dare to send them to this country for fear of government actions against its employees.

Nigeria suspended this platform in 2021 after removing the post of the country’s president, Muhammad Buhari, on Twitter. In early 2022, the suspension was lifted after Twitter agreed to various government conditions, including the establishment of a local office.


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