The deadliest drowning incident of asylum seekers this year

The deadliest drowning incident of asylum seekers to date happened in 2023 in Greece.

A ship full of migrants and asylum seekers along with its passengers sank in the waters of international freedom and at least 78 people lost their lives as a result of this incident.

Many people are believed to be missing in this incident, which happened 87 km southwest of Peloponnese in southern Greece.

The Coast Guard stated that this incident led to extensive rescue operations and announced that around 100 people have been rescued so far. Six Coast Guard ships, a Navy frigate, and a military transport and an Air Force helicopter, as well as several private vessels, participated in the search for the missing.

It is not yet known how many people are missing in the water or trapped in the sinking ship, but initial reports suggest that there may be hundreds of people on board.

A Greek official announced that most of these immigrants and asylum seekers were from Egypt, Pakistan and Syria.

This is the deadliest accident related to the sinking of a refugee ship in international waters this year.


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