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The head coach of Palma Spain’s futsal team praised the new Iranian purchase of this team and said: Salar Aghapour will be a surprise in the Spanish league.

Salar Aghapour, a 23-year-old player of Iran’s national futsal team, officially signed a three-year contract with Spain’s Palma team today. Aghapour is the third Iranian player of Palma along with Muslim Oladaghbad and Hossein Tayibi.

Antonio Vadillo, the head coach of Palma, welcomed this new purchase of his team after the recruitment of Aghapour and said: I am very happy with the presence of Salar because he is a player we have been following for a long time and he is very talented.

Referring to Aghapour’s abilities in one-on-one battles and his skill in using two legs, he emphasized: We are excited. We have to be patient and calm with Salar for coordination and adaptation, but I think that Muslim (Olad Ghagbad) and most importantly, Tayyibi’s company will be important to facilitate this adaptation, both socially and athletically.

In the end, the head coach of Palma said: We know that Salar is a player who can be a surprise in the Spanish league.

Also, Salar Aghapour, who will leave for Spain in a few weeks to complete the final work on his contract, said that he is happy to be in the European champion team, and said: “Palma is a model and leading club in the best league in the world, and playing in it excites me.” .





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